About Us

We operate in (and for) Tulare County, California. We exist to help Churches become the hands and feet of Christ within their community. When local churches unite to show the love of Christ, not only do they transform the lives of individuals and families, they can transform their entire community.

The Love INC outreach model has proven itself to have a powerful impact on communities nationwide (and beyond).


How It Works

The Clearinghouse is the foundation of the Love INC ministry and includes these basic steps:

1) Family or Person in need calls the Love INC HELP LINE 733-8870

2) Person in need receives a phone interview requesting information about their situation. Trained Love INC volunteers or staff determine legitimacy and extent of the need, and explore any deeper issues fueling the crisis.

3) Person in need sends in verification of residence and income.

4) Love INC uses its wide variety of resources and connections to find the best way to help and then contacts the appropriate church ministry, church volunteer, and/or local agency for them to partner in helping.

5.) Love INC then connects the person in need to a local Church (that has partnered in with Love INC in helping them) so that the person finds their support through the Church and can find the love of Christ along with help.

Through the Clearinghouse, Love INC also identifies gaps in services and resources in the community, and helps churches develop ministries to “fill in the gaps” not being met by other community resources.

But, that’s not all Love INC does. We also offer a variety of help to local schools, churches; money management classes and scholarship opportunities, and much more…

Visit our “We Offer” page to discover a little more of what we do.